31 March, 2020
14 April, 2020


Keep reading and discover our lovely dog of the week! This handsome boy called Bal!

Bal arrived at our shelter from Córdoba. Our colleagues from La Guarida rescued him. At the beginning, he was suspicious and distant, he didn’t want any of the volunteers to approach him but with time and giving him as much space as he needed, Bal has completely change. He is a new boy, a loving and friendly dog who receive volunteers with jumps of joy!


Bal is a five years old greyhound, calm and stable who shares the chenil with his inseparable friend Liberto. They are always together even when its time to sleep! They love to sleep together and warm in the same bed. And his behavior with the rest of the dogs is also very good. He gets along perfectly and shares the patio with both, males and females.

Bal was lucky enough to spend a period of time in a foster home and they tell us that at home he is a great dog, he doesn’t make any noise. His behaves is very very good and he takes over the couch right away! He love to be stroked and kissed all the time. He also knows how to walk on a leash and he is very calm. Ah! And after a good meal, he loves to having a yogurt as a desert… Isn’t it delightful!?

We don’t understand how no one has noticed him yet. Bal would love to meet a family who would treat him like the king he is and grant him the wish to be able to sleep every night covered in a warm home. What are you waiting for to make his wish come true? Adopt him!

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