15 December, 2016
Solidarity Market at Manpasur on the 5th Jan
2 January, 2017


Taranta was handed over to us by her galguero together with Zaina. He decided they were no longer useful and instead of taking care of them he chose to get rid of them for his convenience.

Taranta is no enjoying being in her foster home where she is getting all the strokes and affection she wants (which is a lot!). She is not at all fearful of people of men at all. She is extremely affectionate and will follow you around the house looking for cuddles!


She is a gorgeous galga with beautiful soft fur. She loves to play and will entertain herself happily with her toys. She responds well to discipline in the house and travels well in the car. She is a great dog and so sweet.


Taranta is not compatible with cats and unless going to an experienced family we suggest she be the only dog in the house because she can be a little jealous with affection and food. She is very loving and sweet.

If you are interested in adopting Taranta get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Taranta!

And if you would like to see further information about Taranta you can find it here.