24 November, 2016
5 December, 2016


Our ‘dog of the week’ is….TANIA!! A sweet and beautiful galga that is looking for her forever family.


Tania’s has the most captivating eyes, they show her sweet and loving nature and the hope she has of finding her forever family.

Tania arrived together with Moro and Laia. The three of them came from the La Guarida shelter in Puente Genil, they had been abandoned by their owner when he decided they were no longer useful.

She is a sweet and calm dog that loves affection and is very well behaved. She responds well to dog training treats she loves getting cuddles and strokes from our volunteers as often as she can. Tania gets on well with the other dogs in the shelter and is not at all fearful or dominant. She enjoys playing with them and taking a nap together in a lovely spot of sunshine.


Tania has also been cat tested and would be completely fine living in a home with them, she acted completely indifferently towards the cat. Tania is looking for a forever home where she will finally be loved forever. She only needs love and affection and in return she will be a loyal and loving member of the family.


Tania is a calm and well behaved dog that would fit well into almost any new home, all she needs is the love and care of her new family. Tania has lived through a lot in her 5 years, but unfortunately not the happiness of having her own family that shower her with love and affection. Could you be the family to give Tania this priceless gift?

If you are interested in adopting Tania get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Tania!

And if you would like to see further information about Tania you can find it here.