23 November, 2017
7 December, 2017


If previously you met Taco, today it is the turn of his cheerful sister Taca. As you know, they were both living on the streets until, luckily for them, they came to us.

Taca is a great puppy, she loves investigating, running, playing, sleeping… they are her favourite hobbies, and she enjoys them even more if she shares those moments with her brother. She is a very sociable girl with other dogs and she likes a lot spending hours of playtime with them, no matter if males or females, that is not an impediment for her. With people, she is loving and of course playful, as every puppy she loves someone to throw the ball to her over and over again and receiving lots of cuddles.

She still needs to improve how to walk with the leash, but that is not a problem for Taca, as she is a very clever girl, she just needs a family who will be ready to show her how to do it.

Taca wants that home she deserves so much, that one who is not related at all with everything she has meet before: cold and hunger. If you want to have fun and receive love, adopt Taca!
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