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25 October, 2017
27 October, 2017
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Name: TAKO


Age: 01/06/17

Character: PUPPY

Other information: GALGO MIX

Tako was found with his sister Taka in Cádiz living on the streets when a shelter from Rota rescued both of them and called us to bring them to our shelter and look for a forever home for both of them because they are mix of galgo.
He has the same behaviour as his sister: he loves playing with any dog, male or female, he gets on well with all of them, especially if he/she is a puppy like him. He also likes running around, smelling new places, chewing his toys, and burning lot of energy. After that, he just wants to sleep for hours with his sister in the same bed, because they feel warmer together. He needs to grow a bit more before he learns how to walk properly with the leash, as his priority now is having fun.
Tako is looking forward to meeting his forever family. Could be your? Adopt him!