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20 September, 2016
20 September, 2016
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Name: SARA


Age: 01/03/14

Character: SHY


Sara is a beautiful galga that came to our shelter together with Algodon and Piola. The three had been handed into a shelter in Cordoba, called La Guarida, by a galgo breeder because they were no longer useful to him as puppy factories and so he decided to abandon them.

Sara is a little shy but also very curious about her surroundings so she is overcoming her shyness and letting herself be approached by the volunteers more and more each day. She gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter and enjoys their company everyday. Sara is not compatible with cats.

Sara is looking for her dream home, she knows there is a family out there willing to show her what unconditional love truly is, a family that will care for her daily and give her all the affection and cuddles she wants.

Could you be the family Sara is dreaming of?