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9 May, 2018
16 May, 2018
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Name: ROLO


Age: 1/01/2015



Rolo was rescued from the Antequera dog pound (Málaga).

He is currently in a foster home.

His foster family tell us that he is a wonderful dog and has an fantastic temperament given how young he is.

At home he behaves wonderfully, he is calm and all of his necesities are done in the street. With people he shows pure love and is not afraid of strangers, in fact, he greets everyone by moving his tail from side to side as if he’s known them forever. He is nice and affectionate.

With the other dogs he has no problems. He is a dog with medium energy, so enjoys playing with other dog friends as well as spending time relaxing.

Rolo is a great dog that has never known the love of a forever home or the care of a loving family. Now that he knows what it is to live in a house he is delighted and of course ready to start a new life, far from the abuse and neglect of his past. Can you give him the home he needs?