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25 June, 2016
25 June, 2016
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Age: 6/3/2016

Character: PLAYFUL


Presto is a small puppy that came to our shelter along with his  brother Tomas, and his mother Christi. His parents had been living on the streets a long time and that’s where they were born. Some neighbors who were feeding them alerted because a heartless person had shot their father and they feared the rest of the family would have the same fate.

Like any good puppy Presto is playful and cheeky. He gets on well with his companions at the shelter and plays with them all day. He’s friendly and sociable and not at all fearful. He’s full of energy and very loving. He has been cat tested and we think he is not compatible with them.

Presto needs a family who will love him and teach him how to develop into a good adult dog. Even though he’s only a puppy he’s already had terrible experiences and even though he’s now at our shelter where he’s well looked after, the best place for him is a loving home.

Could you give Presto the home he needs?