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25 January, 2020
25 January, 2020
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Age: 01/06/2016

Character: GOOD AND SHY


Pirata came from the dog shelter La Guarida, in Córdoba. Currently, he is in a residence, as our shelter is full.

When he arrived, he was a dog with lot of fears and seeing the scars of his face, we can imagine why. At the beginning, it was so hard to get close to him. However, there is nothing that doesn’t help treating a dog with patience and lot of love. And that is what we did, getting some incredible results. Now, Pirata is a lovely and affectionate boy with people he recognises and if he feels comfortable with. But with unknown people he is still shy and prudent, but nothing like he was a few weeks ago.

When he is with other dogs he is calm, submissive and with a sociable behaviour, no matter if they are males or females.

Pirata needs a family who will carry on giving him love and treating him with patience so he can keep improving until he will be a confident boy. Do you think you are the person he needs? Adopt him!

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