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30 December, 2019
7 January, 2020
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Age:  08/02/19


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The story of Pachi is the proper one of a real survivor. He used to live in a dump with his mum, probably from the day he was born, until a man realized they were there when he heard screams of the mum, so the man asked for help to find them a home. The mother went to a shelter and Pachi had to go to a different one, where some dogs attacked him so he was taken away and left in a foster home, where he is living currently.

Despite his young age he has a wonderful behaviour. He is extremely affectionate, he never gets tired of receiving all love he never had on the past. He is now learning how to live in a house, with its rules and its freedom, getting ready to be an ideal dog the day of his adoption.

Also, he is a sociable boy who gets on well with other dogs, no matter if males or females. He is so good that he can even LIVE WITH CATS. He is just pure love.

Pachi would like to grow up with his forever family to get used to the routine as soon as possible, so he could be the ideal boy he really is. Would you give him an opportunity? Adopt him!

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