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14 June, 2018
14 June, 2018
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Age: 22/05/2018

Character: PUPPY

Other information: MIX OF GALGO


These babies we are showing to you were born in the middle of the countryside. Their mum had them protected inside a hole in the ground.

Their story start when we were trying to rescue their mum (she was pregnant by then). She used to get out of the hole everyday to look for some food but in one of those journeys unfortunately a car run over her and, still alive, she arrived to the hole where the babies were hidden to pass away there.

Now these babies are in foster homes and fortunately and thanks to their mum effort, they won’t have to live an abandon like she suffered. In Galgos en Familia we are ready to find them the best of families.

Currently they are too young so we are not sure about what behaviour they will have once they grow a bit more. However, we suppose they will be playful, curious, affectionate as every puppy, and they will love sleeping.

If you think you have got space enough at home and in your heart for one of these little boys and girls, don’t doubt any more and adopt one of them!

Adopt Odette!