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16 February, 2018
16 February, 2018
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Age: 10/12/2014

Character: SHY


Nathan came with Perla, Caramelo and Iquos. They came directly from their galguero in Badajoz. When they are not useful any more, they hand them in to Galgos en Familia to find them a home they deserve.

We don’t know what kind of life and care he had but, because of his behaviour, we are sure he doesn’t have good memories from that place. He arrived being very shy, but step by step he has been getting used to the shelter. Now, he is a bit shy but nothing like before, he gets close to the people and moves his tails waiting for cuddles. He has made a big improvement since he came to us, he just needs a bit more of time and he will be a wonderful dog.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter he doesn’t have any problem, he gets on well with all of them. He is respectful and he shares space with them perfectly. He is also suitable with cats.

Nathan needs to forget some horrible memories he has got. He needs a family who will provide him safety and serenity. Do you want to help Nathan? Adopt him!