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11 July, 2017
12 July, 2017
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Age: 1/01/2014

Character: SHY & CALM


Nanit came to our shelter together with Té from a kennel in Madrid. The two of them had spent so much time there as two invisible souls. They asked us for help to find them a family and how would we say no?

Nanit is gorgeous, she is a shy lady. We know nothing of her past but you can see the emotional scars through her big eyes and you can tell she’s not had it at all easy. The two arrived a little fearful but they are trying to get over their fears progressively. They are gradually adapting to their new life. Currently, she is in a foster home, where they are showing her what love means and where they are helping her to trust in humans for the first time in her life. Her temporary family told us she is doing a great progress, as she gets along very well with other dogs, she’s calm and submissive.

Nanit is a galga that deserves a home that helps her to forget everything she has suffered. Do you want to help her overcome her fears and be the family that will love Nanir forever? Adopt her!