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25 June, 2016
25 June, 2016
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Name: NAIA


Age: 1/1/2014

Character: CALM


Naia is another galga who was belonged to a heartless owner who abandoned her once he thought she was no longer useful to him. As if we were taking about a broken piece of machinery, he abandoned his loyal companion for another galgo that met his needs.

Naia is a sweet and loving dog that gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter. She is sociable and not at all dominant.

She is a marvelous dog that is looking for a forever family. She loves affection, strokes and is always looking for more cuddles.

We are sure Naia is the ideal dog, now all she needs is for you to be the ideal family and share your lives with her. Don’t delay and adopt the lovely Naia!