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25 October, 2016
25 October, 2016
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MORO (Canada)

Name: MORO


Age: 27/6/2014

Character: SOCIABLE


Moro arrived at our shelter together with Laia and Tania. The three of them came from the La Guarida shelter where they had been abandoned after their owner decided they were no longer useful to him.

He is a loving and sociable dog. He is not dominant or fearful, and gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter. He loves human company and doesn’t miss an opportunity for strokes or affection from one of our volunteers.

Moro is looking for the same thing all of out dogs are: a caring family, the kind we always talk about. That forever home where he will no longer know hungry or fear. Something we consider normal would be a paradise for him.

Could you give Moro the paradise he is dreaming of?