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9 January, 2017
9 January, 2017
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Name: KODI


Age: 11/10/2016

Character: PLAYFUL


Kodi came from another shelter in Puente Genil called La Guarida. He had been handed over by his owner together with his mum (Amanda) and sister (Kiara). They had all been kept in terrible conditions but are healthy and now looking for their forever homes.

Kodi is a happy and healthy puppy. He is very playful and energetic, as all puppies are, and enjoys playing and spending time with the other puppies at the shelter.

Kodi needs a family who will love him and always keep him safe. He can never return to the terrible conditions he was born in and his new family will have the right mix of love and discipline to help him become a happy well behaved adult.

Could you be the family to give Kodi a forever home?