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ROCCO (Holland)
23 May, 2016
24 May, 2016
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KERO (Italy)

Name: KERO


Age: 15/7/2012

Character: NOBLE & LOVING


Kero is another product of an uncaring galguero who no longer saw a use for him. Another dog that gave everything to his owner, did as he was asked but was abandoned anyway for not living up to his owners expectations. He was left in the shelter in Antequera from where he was rescued just in time as he already had a date set to be put down.

Kero is much more than his previous owner gave him credit for, simply put he’s a perfect dog. He gets on well with the other dogs he lives with and is completely compatible with cats. Kero has a great character, he’s sweet, loving and not at all fearful or dominant. He’s a wonderful dog.

Kero needs to know the meaning of a true home. A place he can share with a family that loves him as he deserves to be loved. A forever home. In return he’ll give you unconditional love which will make you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

Could you be the perfect accompaniment to this sweet galgo?