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28 February, 2018
28 February, 2018
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Age: 01/05/2012

Character: SHY


Jaranda came from a shelter in Rota called Siempre Contigo. As so many of her colleagues, she has been working for a man who didn’t have any affection to her at all, he only used her for hunting or breeding and once she became useless, no matter how long she has been with him, he get rid of her as an old tool. Luckily for us, she is more than a tool and we are ready to find her a family who will deserve her love.

Currently, she is a bit shy. She needs time and space to feel confident with people. We have to understand she has been all her life with a galguero so she doesn’t know anything about normal life, but we are here to teach her and give her cuddles and strokes she has never received.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter she doesn’t have any problems, she feels comfortable with them and they have a good relationship, with males and females.

Jaranda needs to forget her past and trusts humans again, for that reason she needs a second chance to be happy. Could you give her the opportunity she deserves? Adopt her!

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You can see a video of Jaranda here: