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25 January, 2020
29 January, 2020
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Age: 01/06/2018



Ivory was found at the countryside, on the floor and not able to move. When she was rescued, they tried to lift her up and she shouted in pain. She was unable to stand up. As soon as they could, they took her to the veterinary clinic, who found a fracture in her spinal column so she had to have emergency surgery. When she left the vet, she went straight away to a foster home with two of our best volunteers. There she is recovering step by step, at the same time that she is socializing with all dogs and cats she is living with. Also, there she is doing her rehabilitation exercises to get stronger, as at the beginning she used to walk with a wheelchair but now she doesnt’ need it any more, she is able to walk or run on her style, without any help.

Her temporary family told us she is recovering wonderfully, at the beginning she was calm because of her surgery, but now she is more active, playful and sociable. Also, she is a very smart girl, as she has get used to life inside a house perfectly, so she cries when they have to take her outside to do her bodily functions.

With other dogs around her she doesn’t have any problem, she is sociable with males or females. And, as we said before, she is suitable to live with CATS.

Ivory had a really hard life, human being has treated her so badly, but she is still trusting us. She is so good and affectionate she needs to find the best of families, so she won’t think somebody will neglect her again. Do you want to give her the life she deserves so much? Adopt her!

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