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23 May, 2016
NINFA (Italy)
23 May, 2016
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Age: 15/5/2012

Character: Sweet


India was abandoned by her owner, a galguero, and left at a shelter in Lucena. India already had a date to be put down but we managed to bring her to our shelter in time along with another three galgos; Nepal, Gobi and Tibet.

This fluffy galga gets on well with all dogs she shares her days at the shelter with, she’s sweet, good and very loving. She’s not fearful and is always looking around for the next cuddle. She has been cat tested and is completely compatible showing no signs of aggression towards the cat. India loves to spend her time playing with her fellow dogs and sunbathing.

India is looking for a family that will give her a forever home where she will be happy for the rest of her life. She only needs to forget about her previous life, where she was never shown love, a love that she’s willing to give to her new family who decide to share their life with her.