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20 September, 2016
20 September, 2016
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Name: GALA


Age: 27/7/2013

Character: SHY


Gala come from a town near Sevilla together with Prince. She was abandoned by her owner and every time she tried to return home he would shoot at her with an air riffle to make her run away from him.

She is sweet and clam although a little shy, particularly at first, but considering what she’s been through this is not surprising. Slowly she is recovering from her abuse and we are sure she will continue to grow into a happy and confident dog once she adapts to her new environment. She gets on well with other dogs and also with cats.

Gala needs a family with a little patience. A home where she can learn about human love and care and never be afraid of abuse again.

Could you be the one to show Gala that humans can also be kind?