Tienda Cerrada Temporalmente

6 March, 2019
6 March, 2019
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Name: ESPE


Age: 14/02/2017


Other information: PODENCO


Espe was living on the streets of a town in Málaga. She was crossing the road with lot of traffic and we were afraid about her safety, so we rescued her and we took her to our shelter. Currently, she is in a foster home.

Her temporary mum tells us she is such a special and noble girl. With her she is so affectionate and sweet, however with unknown people she is a bit shy. Thanks to all love she is receiving now, she has improved a lot about it and she is feeling more confident every day. So we are sure it is just a matter of time for her so we will meet soon a new Espe, and she will be even a better girl tan she is now.

With other dogs she is living with, she gets on great, she doesn’t have any behaviour problems, she feels comfortable with them. She is submissive.

Espe is looking forward to find a forever family so she will be improving and she will be always loved. Do you want to make your family a bit bigger? Adopt her!

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