6 July, 2020
6 July, 2020
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Name: EMIR


Age: 01/07/2017

Character: CAUTIOUS


Emir is at the shelter Siempre Contigo, in Rota with Pandora. Both of them were left tied to the door, abandoned with only three years old.

Both of them are at the shelter very little time, so we don’t really know how they are going to be. At the moment, Emir is a calm and cautious boy. His last “owner” used to tie him to a motorbike to “train” him and make him run faster.

He needs a home where he can get all that love he deserves and never get before, he needs to learn that not all people are cruel and that we can give him lot of cuddles, hugs and kisses.

Will you give him that home he deserves? Adopt Emir!

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