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26 May, 2016
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19 June, 2016
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Age: 17/3/2015

Character: Playful and sociable


Darwin is a beautiful galgo who at his young age already knows what abandonment is and about being passed from house to house.  He already had a family, but for unrelated circumstances they were unable to keep him, now he’s being fostered by one of they volunteers at our shelter. It would be very difficult for him to return to the shelter after he’s known the life of a dog at home.

He’s a loving and playful dog that loves to petted and mess around with his friends at his foster home. He gets on well with all kinds of dogs and cats as well, he lives together with them with no problems.

Darwin needs a forever home where he can feel loved and a family that can share his life with free of the fear of another abandonment.

Are you that family?