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8 June, 2017
18 June, 2017
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Age: 11 YRS



Curro is the grandpa at Galgos en Familia, he has spent his whole life with us in the shelter with his partner Karina (another Bodeguero).
He is all a fighter, he survived the floods we had last December, a bite from a snake and canine distemper disease all within 6 months.

Curro may be an older gentleman but he still has plenty of vitality, in spite of everything that has happened to him he is a healthy dog that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
He is a very affectionate and sweet dog. When he walks he loves to greet people he meets along the way, he does his business on the street, he is a very obedient and calm dog at home, although he does not like to be alone in it because he loves being surrounded by people. When he is alone, he does not break anything or bark, he only waits at the door until you return and he’ll welcome you home with great joy.
He has no problems other dogs and is accustomed to living with them.

When we first moved into the shelter many years ago Curro didn’t know what to make of us, he lived at the property without much human contact but day by day he got used to us and now he’s the first one to greet everyone and get a big tummy rub in return. Curro is now a new dog that wants a new life, where affection is abundant and where he has a roof over his head. Can you fulfill Curro’s wish of a family to call his own?