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18 May, 2016
18 May, 2016
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CARLA (Spain)



Age: 1/8/2013

Character: SHY


Carla came from Puente Genil, a town near Cordoba, where lots of galgos are abandoned or killed every day. She was on the streets for more than a year, lots of people tried to catch her from hunters to rescuers but it seemed impossible. Luckily someone from the La Guarida shelter caught her a year later and she was brought to our shelter.

Carla is a bit shy. She has spent a long time alone on the streets so it will take time for her to understand that not everyone means to harm her. She gets on well with other dogs and is fine with cats.

Carla needs a patient family who can help to grow her confidence and be less afraid. We are sure than in time and with a lot of love she will show everyone what a stunning galgo she is.

Are you patient and wanting to help her?