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18 June, 2017
18 June, 2017
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Name: BONN


Age: 28/02/2017

Character: HAPPY & LOVING


The story of these four puppies (Aruba, Bonn, Corfu and Cairo) are the same.
They were found by a woman in the field abandoned to their fate. She did not look the other way and took them to the vet and to find them a home, the veterinarian herself spoke with TiendaAnimal (a famous pet shop in Spain) where they stayed for a couple of days until one of our volunteers advised us they were there and we were able to bring them to our shelter. As our adoption process is more stringent we were keen for them to be adopted through Galgos en Familia to ensure they didnt end up in the hunting or breeding trade.

These little monsters are pure joy and affection. Like all puppies they love to play all day, be cuddled and hang out with people who want to play and pamper them. They are very cheerful and get along with other dogs.

If you want a dose of happiness in your family, adopt one of these pups!