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22 November, 2019
23 November, 2019
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Age: 15/03/2012



We introduce you to Albus, who arrived to our shelter after he was handed in by his galguero in a town of Córdoba. We suppose it has been because of his age, as despite he is not too old, he is not useful for hunting.

At the beginning he is a bit shy with volunteers, but as soon as he feels a bit more confident and comfortable between us, he shows his affectionate behaviour, letting them give him cuddles. He likes moving his tail when he is happy and calm, as he knows he is safe now. He is such a kind and good boy, so we are sure he will fit in any kind of family.

With other dogs in the shelter he doesn’t have any problem for now. As he is an adult boy, he already has a settled character, being calm and stable with his colleagues. Furthermore, he is a very clean dog who doesn’t like his place to be dirty, so he preffers doing his bodily functions outside.

Albus needs a family who will show him that, despite someone didn’t want him any more, not all of us are the same. We are sure he will be so grateful if he has a daily dose of love and cuddles, and also being able to sleep every night in a proper bed, so warm. Do you want to make his wish true? Adopt Albus!

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