31 October, 2016
17 November, 2016


This week we bring you Piola! A sweet and beautiful galga that is looking for her forever home.

Piola came to our shelter together with Sara and Algodon. The three of them had been handed in by their previous owner; a breeder that thought they were worthless machines now they no longer could earn him a profit. He left them in the La Guarida shelter and from there they came to our shelter.


When Piola arrived she was a little shy, it took her some time to realise that there are also good humans in the world, people that only want to help her and show her what human affection and kindness felt like.

We are thrilled to say that Piola is now a happy and sociable dog that loves all of the strokes and cuddles she receives from our volunteers. As soon as she sees your acts of kindness she knows you mean her no harm and she wants to be your new best friend.

Piola gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter and has no problems when it comes to group play time or nap time. Piola has also been cat tested and is completely compatible to live in a home with feline company.


Piola is looking for the type of home we look for for all our dogs, a loving home that will care for her and love her the way she deserves. Piola will never suffer they way she used in her previous life, she is ready to put that behind her and be welcomed into her forever home.


Piola would make a great addition to a number of families, she is a sweet galga that gets on well with other dogs and cats. We can´t understand why no-one has been interested in her so far. Piola has a lot of love to give her new family, she just needs to be given a chance!

If you are interested in adopting Piola get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Piola!

And if you would like to see further information about Piola you can find it here.