Report by FTV on our event at Guau Guau Dog Park in Fuengirola (16th July)
22 July, 2016
28 July, 2016

Rest in peace, Apolo.

Apolo, a stunning and noble galgo, abandoned like so many. Galgos en Familia rescued him and took him to the shelter. He had leishmania, a very high level, it affected his kidneys aswell. Knowing all of this, Nerea ,a volunteer of Galgos and Familia, and her husband Jose, took him into their home to foster him. This was two and a half years ago. They fell in love with him and adopted him. They didn’t spare any expense on caring for him or veterinary costs and Apolo changed from being just skin and bones into an incredible beauty. All thanks to the unwavering care and love from his owners. Without them Apolo would have died long ago. He was hospitalised on a number of occasions. A few weeks ago his health started to worsen. He was hospitalised again for renal failure. They tried everything but Apolo’s body could not take anymore.

Today he has left us, surrounded by the love he had received from the day this family fostered him. Nerea, Jose and Apolo had fought this battle , together, until the very end. He had enjoyed a wonderful life with them, a life he could never have imagined during his time with the galguero. All thanks to this fantastic family. I thank you for loving him so much. There are no words to express my gratitude. Sending you hugs and strength. Rest in Peace Apolo, and know that we all loved you and will miss you.

Vera and all the team of Galgos en Familia.