18 August, 2016
No-one has asked about Nancy!!??!
30 August, 2016


Greca is an amazing example of how quickly these beautiful galgos can learn to trust humans again despite the sadness of their previous lives – that’s why she’s our dog of the week!!


Greca come to us from a shelter in Badajoz where she had been abandoned by her previous owner. We don’t know if she was used in the past to breed or hunt or race or even all three but it was clear from her scared behavior that she was not treated well at all.

When she first arrived she was fearful and shy at first but we could already see the signs of the sweet and affectionate dog that was just waiting to come out. Since moving into her foster home her transformation has been tremendous and her confidence has grown and allowed her true personality to shine. As is often the case with our galgos who seem shy at first, all they need is to feel safe and loved and they transform into the happy dogs they’ve been waiting their whole lives to be.

01GRECA_pdlsAlthough the image quality  is not great we love this photo because it shows how relaxed and playful galgo Greca truely is!!

Greca’s foster family say she is an absolute sweetheart and loves all the affection they shower her with. Everyday her confidence has grown and she has become more and more sociable, she loves going for walks on the lead and gets on well with other dogs they come across. Even though she was weary of her new surroundings at first, with the love and patience of her foster family she was able to relax and now enjoys all the perks – particularly the sofa!

Take a look at Greca enjoying a walk on the beach:


Greca needs a loving forever family who understand the patience needs to care for a sweet dog like Greca and give her the time she needs to adjust to her new home. We know she’ll make a fantastic addition to the family and return all the love she’s shown a hundred times over!

She has been with our shelter for too long now and we can’t believe no-one has taken an interest. Greca is house trained and is not at all dominant, she gets on well with other dogs and is ready to be part of her forever home with her new family.

Greca is learning to play and to be a dog again, take a look at her progress:


If you are interested in adopting Greca get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Greca!

And if you would like to see further information about Greca you can find it here.