Trini is a 10 year old Podenca, with a really hard, difficult and sad past. She spent her life tied to a window, yes, that has been her life, being tied to the mercy of the weather and the mistreatment of her owner.

In the months that she has been with us, we have tried to leave all her suffering behind, in her foster home she is cared for, loved and pampered a lot. We know that this can not fix a lifetime of suffering, but what we have achieved is that despite being 10 years old, she is enjoying herself like a real puppy.

She deserves a home, a family and lots of love for the rest of her days. Adopting an older dog is to know gratitude and the purest love, it is to give them a chance when they need it most, an authentic act of love.
If you are that person, willing to open your heart and your home for Trini, write to us at