Nico is a beautiful podenco, he comes from a village in Jaén. In just two years of life, he knows well the suffering, the mistreatment and the human evil. Because of this, Nico does not trust human beings, he is afraid of us, he is afraid of noises, the street and everything that is out of his comfort zone.

In just a few days his foster mummy has managed to connect with him and create a bond, just like with his doggy brothers, that makes us hope that our Nico can become a happy and confident doggy, but we also know that it will be a complicated task that will take time and we are willing to give it to him!

In spite of everything, when Nico is in his foster home he is very affectionate and playful. He is sociable with all dogs.

If you want to give Nico a forever home, please write to