Campeón was rescued from the Antequera kennel together with his companion Llama. We were alerted to two galgos abandoned by their owner in the kennel.

Campeón is a beautiful galgo, we can imagine how difficult he life was as he is untrustful and fearful with people, but little by little with a lot of patience, affection and the help of his doggy companions, every day he trusts a little more. We know that when they arrive with some kind of fear, it is a long process and a lot of work, but Campeón is doing wonderfully at his peace, it is just a question of working with him a little and he will soon be a happy dog without fear.

He has no problems with the other dogs in the shelter, on the contrary, he has a noble and calm character, what’s more, it would be ideal if he had doggy company, as we have observed that when he is with more dogs his behaviour improves, he feels more secure and confident.

Campeón needs patience, a lot of love and a little push of confidence to be completely happy. Do you want to help this precious dog? Adopt him! Write to us at