7 December, 2017
21 December, 2017


Our happy and charming Frisko came from La Guarida and is a lovely boy.

Frisko is not afraid of people at all, he is a very sociable galgo and loves to spend his time surrounded by our volunteers and playing with other dogs.

His temperament is well balanced and he gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter; males and females. He is not a dominant male which means he would slot into family life with other pets well.

Frisko walks well on the lead, doesn’t pull and stays close. You could take him for lovely long Sunday walks to the dog park where he would run around and play with other dogs happily. He is the ideal dog to join family life and share all the joys that would entail.

Adopt Frisko, a marvelous galgo looking for his forever home.

For more information take a look at his profile here.