5 May, 2020
21 May, 2020


The cheerful Frankie is the star of this week!

Frankie was rescued with her partner Jonny when they both were wandering on a road out of a town in Málaga. A girl saw them, stopped the car, called them and both came wagging their tails and got into the car without hesitation. Another abandoned story.

Frankie is such a sweet girl that is only 2 and a half years old. She is extremely effusive and affectionate, grateful and happy. She loves to see volunteers appear and throw them her legs to be caressed and give her play. She can´t handle how much joy she feels! Just look at the pictures!

With other dogs she gets along very well. She loves to play with all of them, doesn’t matter if they are males or females. She just wanted them to run after her and have as much fun as she can. She is a very sociable dog that won’t have any problem to live in a house with more dogs, but she is not suitable with cats.

Frankie is pure heart, looking for a forever family to fall in love with her, pamper her and give her all the love. She is so cute and adorable and she would love to be with a family that spends time with her and give her all the attention she deserves to be the happiest girl in the world. Does anyone really want hugs from Frankie every morning? Adopt her!

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