16 December, 2019
8 January, 2020


Do you still don’t know Dante, our marvelous dog of the week!? Stop for a second to meet him!

Our dear Dante came from La Guarida, a shelter in Córdoba. Right now he is currently living in a residence where he lives together in complete harmony with other dogs. And what do they tell us about him? Just wonderful words: he is such a noble and kind dog, the happiest puppy when it comes to receive love and a thousand caresses. It is like a baby who requires all your attention. Thanks to all the care and dedication he received, he has managed to be a very stable dog and now, there is no trace of the shyness he had at the beginning.


Dante is a very polite boy who is learning to walk on a leash, and he is improving so fast! Step by step he is assuming all the street noises to he was not used to. If there is something we should say about him, he cannot live in a house with cats.

As well as handsome and elegant, Dante would love to have a pair of hands 24 hours stroking his ears and showing him the real and final love of finding a forever home. Are you the family who is looking for Dante? Adopt him!

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