21 January, 2020
6 February, 2020


This week is Currito´s turn! Our lovely prince. Keep reading and fall in love  with this marvelous puppy!

Currito´s story is, unfortunately, the story of many greyhounds abandoned in Spain. He was found roamed around a road in Ronda, a town in Málaga, abandoned and malnourished. A guy who was passing by, saw him, took him and he gave notice us to go and pick him up. When we arrived at the shelter, he presented a spine issue. With patience, time and caresses, he is now fully recovered. Right now, Currito lives in a foster home.

Being as young as he is (still a puppy), he always shows up a happy and a confident character. His host father tells us that he is a lovely dog, funny, playful and extremely affectionate who also, behaves perfectly at home, always searching for a hand who caresses him. And with those irresistible eyes… who can say no!?

With the rest of the dogs he has no problem, neither male or female. On the contrary, as a puppy he loves to play and run as fast as he can! He is a super sociable dog who also understand that, if some of his dog friends doesn’t want to play, he respect him and leave him space.

Currito, unfairly, being as young as he is, he has already suffered for the first time what abandoned means, and so he deserves to fall into a good hands which have the proper time and the patience to keep with his education. Are you prepared to receive a dose of faithful and true love? Adopt Currito!

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