12 October, 2017
26 October, 2017


Bobby has arrived to our section “dog of the week”!


This loving and kind boy came from Badajoz, where he lived in terrible conditions, full of rubbish everywhere, hungry and starving. Even with that, Bobby has a wonderful character, he is not scared of humans, quite the opposite, he loves being surrounded by people and receiving lots of cuddles and hugs.


His really sweet face show us how good dog he is inside. As every galgo, he has an incredible capacity of adaptation so he is looking forward to find a family as sweet as he is, where he will get used to them and where he will receive all the care he didn’t have on the past.

He is a very calm and submissive dog, not dominant at all, who lives together with other dogs without any problem and who loves going out for a walk. This handsome boy has everything good, he just needs a perfect home where to start a new life full of love.


If you have fallen in love with his sweet way of looking, adopt him, he is your ideal dog!