8 January, 2020
20 January, 2020


This is the story of Berta, a true survivor. She is the star of this week. 

Berta is mix of podenco (hound, hunting dog) who, unfortunately, like many other dogs of the same breed, was abandoned to her own fate in a industrial estate in Málaga. And they said cats have seven lifes? Let them tell Berta! The first time they found her, she was wandering around an area in Málaga, alone, scared and very thin. A volunteer from our shelter found and took her home, where she has lived since then. But last year, by a mistake, Berta escaped with two of her loyal companion of adventures. After a relentless pursuit day and night that lasted about twenty days, she decided that, there wasn’t anything better than the warm feeling and food from home. And so she returned home alone. Safe and sound. 

Her host mom tells us that she is a wonderful lady, super confident and no fear at all. Her behavior  at home is also perfect: she loves being close to anyone who takes a second or a minute to caress and pamper her. She likes being the focus of attention of those who pass by her. 

As well as with us, she also gets along great with the other dogs. Since she was rescued, she has lived in a house surrounded by a large herd of dogs and she has never had negative behavior towards them. On the contrary, she loves to play with her inseparable friends. 

The ideal family for Berta would be one who has time to dedicate, as well as space to play with her. And if it could be possible, Berta´s wish would be to live in a place with more puppies to play and sleep warmly with them. In addition, she can live in perfect harmony with cats without any problems.

How many more reasons do you need to fall in love with darling Berta? Adopt her!

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