12 May, 2020
10 June, 2020


The star of this week is the brave Altea!

Altea´s story is a story of survival. This beauty was wandering for weeks of a town in Córdoba with a trap in one of her paws. She was so so scared of humans that it took blood and sweat to rescued her. When she was finally saved, her foot had to be amputated and later her entire paw because it was causing her so much pain. Since she was rescued, she had lived in a foster home with a wonderful family who have always cared of her. Let’s say that Altea has born again.

Her foster family tell us that she is very calm dog at home. She spends more of her time sleeping peacefully. She is a very clean girl who knows to do all her needs outside. Having only three legs does not at all prevent her from living a normal life. She goes up and down stairs without any problem, She is very loving and loves to be cuddled and covered while she is petting.

She is a good girl who shares her space with other dogs, doesn’t matter if they are males or females. She loves going to the dog parks. Its her favorite time of the day. She enjoys so much playing and running around, like the most. She is always ready for a race.

This sweet little girl has finally left suffering and fear behind. Altea is the perfect example of improvement. The best example that, with time, patience, dedication and so much love, everything is overcome and the true kindness that existed sees the light again. Her last step to be completely happy would be find a forever home that give her everything she deserves for the rest of her life. Are you that family who is looking for Altea? Adopt her!

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