20 October, 2016
31 October, 2016


This week we are welcoming Algodon as our ‘dog of the week’!

Algodon mean ‘cotton’ in spanish which is the perfect name for this lovely white galgo. She is a gentle and sensitive dog that we have completely fallen for at our shelter.

Algodon arrived at our shelter together with Piola and Sara, the three of them had been handed over to us by their breeder who considered them worthless and abandoned them without a care. He left them at the La Guarida shelter and from there they made their way to us.


At first Algodon was timid, probably related to the lack of affection in her life until she arrived, but each day we have seen her confidence grow and she is now starting to show us her true personality.

She is a very sweet dog that wants to make friends with everyone once she realises they mean her no harm. She will soon find her way to your side and loves all the cuddles and strokes you give her, she never tires of them!


Algodon gets on well with her canine friends at the shelter as well, she enjoys playing with them and sharing some down time as well. She is not at all dominant.

Algodon is getting over her initial fears and we are sure that once she finds her forever home, where she feels safe and loved, she will completely put her fears behind her together with the mistreatment in her past.


Algodon needs an understanding family that will allow her to adapt to her new surrounding in her own time and provide all the love and support to make her feel safe and cared for in her new home. She a sweet, loving and sensitive dog that can’t wait to meet her forever family.

If you are interested in adopting Algodon get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Algodon!

And if you would like to see further information about Algodon you can find it here.

Algodon wishes everyone a happy autumn!