10 June, 2020
14 July, 2020


The lovely puppy Alfie is the star of the week!

He came to us with his 5 brothers and sisters and also with his mum Pizca. All of them were in a very bad condition and so they went to a residence where they were attended and given all the basic care. Alfie is now 4 months old and he is the only one of his brothers who has not yet been adopted. Look how beautiful he is! He has grown a lot.

Alfie is a puppy and as such is a playful dog. Like all babies, he has a lot of energy and vitality. He loves to run and play with the other puppies. And when they are not playing, you can find them in the pool taking a good dip and getting very cool, or sleeping. Because so much fun is also very exhausting!

Right now he is in a foster home where they are teaching him how to walk on a leash and his foster mum told us that, to be a puppy, Alfie is a clever boy and he does it very well. In addition, he is also learning to do all his needs in the street and his behavior at home is very good. He is very happy, very nice and very sweet dog. Ah! And he is anyone’s shadow: wherever you go, Alfie will go after you!

We would love for Alfie a forever family, a warm house where he can keep growing. A family that with time, patience, dedication and lots of love they can keep teaching him the necessary guidelines to become the spectacular dog he already is. Adopt him!

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