14 April, 2020
28 April, 2020


Our sweet mastin Alex is the star of the week!


She’s a beautiful 4-year-old girl that came to our shelter after having spent  most of her young life chained out on a terrace. She had hardly received any contact with other dogs nor humans; Alex was a sad example of an abandoned dog thats only purpose was for hunting wild boar.

There is a before and an after in Alex´s life. When she first came to our shelter, she was very cautious of all the volunteers. At that time, she was always barking if we tried to get close to her, but this was out of fear and mistrust. It broke our hearts to see the sad expression on her face and her tail always between her legs.

We knew that behind that sad appearance was a heart of gold full of kind that was just temporary hidden. Little by little, she started opening up to us and showed her playful side, but from a cautious distance. She really changed when we introduce her to puppy “Aldo”, our other mastin. She approached him, wagging her tail in a playful way and since then, she allowed us to get near and caress her. That was the beginning of the new Alex.

Fortunately, Alex went to a foster home at the end of January and her foster mom tells us wonderful things about her. She is very loving dog, always in a happy mood as you can see in the pictures. She likes being near her foster mom and siblings and always looking for a caress. She loves to be petted and pampered. In addition, she walks very well on a leash.

Alex shares her space with other dogs and she plays perfectly with all of them: males, females, large or small. She is very social with the other dogs. But that little angel face hides some mischief… She can be a bit of a thief looking for food! She eats from her own plate of food and she never bother the others while they are eating. She doesn’t has a possessive nor aggressive personality; quite the opposite, if any dog invades her space, she will just moves away!

The best ending to Alex´story would be for her forever family to fall in love with her sweet and kind gaze. A kind person or family that would love and care for her for the rest of her life. Has no one yet surrendered to such a wink? Adopt Alex!

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