20 November, 2019
2 December, 2019


The dog of this week isn’t a greyhound. This time is our lovely Yuki!
Yuki was abandoned by her last owners. They were hunters but because her condition of blindness, she wasn’t useful for them at all. Fortunately, she is with us in Galgos en Familia and if her “defect” is consider by some people as a imperfection, we see it as a special virtue.
She was born almost fully blind and deaf so she grew up with it and got used to do normal life. And so she does. This is not like an old dog case who lost it eyesight over the years.
A year ago, she was adopted in a house with some other dogs bigger than her, but unfortunately she was feeling insecure and so she had to leave. Now she is living in a shelter house. Ideally, Yuki would need a home with maximum two other dogs of her same size because she likes to feel acompanied. Also, she can live in a house with cats.
Yuki is a very cute and marvelous dog, with a perfect behavior at home, also very clean, quiet and calm. She is very friendly with people and loves cuddles and loving cares.
Is time for Yuki to find the perfect family, a true home that takes a good care of her and sees beyond her appearance. Are you the ideal family for this lady!? Adopt her!
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