10 February, 2021
2 June, 2021


It’s the turn of our Super Grandpa Txiqui.
This week, our protagonist is a very special dog, who in a short time, has stolen our hearts.
He is a podenco mix, he is 14 years old and has spent most of his 14 years living in the street.
He is independent and likes to live at his own pace, when you caress him or give him cuddles, he does not make a big party, no, but he lets himself be loved.
Just by looking at his eyes, you can see how difficult his life has been, luckily, destiny crossed him with 2 of our volunteers, who as soon as they saw him, decided that no matter how much effort or time it took, they would rescue Txiqui and so it was.
For him, we are looking for a quiet home, where he can enjoy long naps in the sun, short walks, at his own pace and ultimately, a home where a grandfather like him, can enjoy a dignified old age and a rest, more than deserved.
In spite of his many years living badly in the street, feeding himself with what he could, being cold and miserable, our grandfather only has a little arthrosis in his tired bones and leismania, totally controlled and that does not affect any organ.
If you think you can give Txiqui the home he deserves, if you are willing to open your home and your heart to an old grandfather, giving him the opportunity to spend his last years with dignity, write to us. Write to us at