22 June, 2017
Milos and Samoa arrive at GEF
30 June, 2017


This week we bring you the wonderful Tritón!!

Triton is sweet and gentle soul that is looking for a loving home, something he has never experienced before. Tritón was left at a shelter in Rota called ‘Siempre Contigo’, we don’t know who left him there but from his behavior it was clear he did not come from a loving home. It is most likely that Tritón was left there by a hunter or breeder who no longer saw any ‘value’ in him.


Since arriving at our shelter Tritón has been able to relax and is letting his true personality shine through. He was quite afraid of people when he arrived but he has learnt to trust our volunteers and now enjoys strokes and cuddles. When galgos move between shelters there is always an adjustment period, some adjust quickly and others, like Triton, take a little longer. However we are so pleased he is letting his guard down and enjoying his time with us.

He gets on well with the other dogs and is not dominant or aggressive at all. He is also compatible with calm cats that will ignore him just as he does them.


Triton is a calm and sweet galgo, he has already spent over a year in Rota waiting for a family so we want to find him one as soon as possible! We know this sweetheart will make a great addition to the family, all he needs in return is the love and care of his forever home.

You can see a video of Triton here before he came to our shelter.

If you are interested in adopting Triton get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Triton!

And if you would like to see further information about Triton you can find it here.