27 April, 2017
11 May, 2017


Thor is our very own gentle giant.

He came to our shelter because his elderly owners could no longer look after him. Going from a home to a dog shelter is a big change for any dog and always difficult for us to see as the dog doesn’t know what’s happening or why he is there. Despite these big changes in his life Thor is a sweetheart and very affectionate dog. He can take a little to warm up to strangers but soon enough he is following you around wanting to be stroked.


Thor is a big galgo but is not dominant or fearful of other dogs. He gets on well with his friends at the shelter and enjoys playing just as much as siesta time. Thor has also been cat tested and would live along side some feline friends with no problem.

Thor is a gorgeous galgo with a stunning coat and soulful eyes. He is affectionate, sweet and very noble indeed. We know you will fall in love with him as soon as you meet him, we all have!!


Thor doesn’t require any special type of treatment, just the love and care we ask of any family who want to add a galgo to their happy home. We know Thor would make an excellent addition to the family and he has already lived in a home so we are confident he will adapt quickly.

We thought this beautiful dog would be in and out of our shelter in no time but no one has asked about him! If you’re looking for a giant teddy bear who will love you unconditionally then Thor is the galgo for you.

If you are interested in adopting Thor get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Thor!

And if you would like to see further information about Thor you can find it here.