5 October, 2017
19 October, 2017


Today Syros is our dog of the week and he deserves it!
When they found Syros in Alozaina (Málaga) he was extremely skinny and with lots of bugs all around his body. A woman was taking care of him until Syros was a bit more recovered and we could go to get him. Now, that time has gone and Syros is looking for a home where he can live forever and spend some time in a sofa or a blanket.
All his scars show us he didn’t have an easy life and how much he had to fight. These scars are only the past, because now he is looking for a family who loves him the way he is and who helps him to build a new future together.
This strong and brave galgo is a dog without fears, he is always beside the volunteers giving or receiving love. His capacity of adaptation is admirable, he lives with other males and females perfectly fine and he has no problems sharing some time with them, playing or resting. 
He walks great with the leash, he is a submissive male, kind and not dominant at all, with him you could go for a walk to any park to make friends and run.
Syros is always waiting for the volunteers when they arrive to the shelter, do you want Syros to wait for you at home? If so, adopt him! He is looking for a perfect family, I am sure there is a family looking for a perfect dog like him.