7 April, 2020
23 April, 2020


Meet up the sweetest girl of the week and fall in love of with our lovely Starla!

Starla came from Cadiz and she arrived at the shelter with her brother Railey and her two sisters Zuzu and Ambra, all of them handed in by their galguero. Of these four beauties, she is the only one who are still looking for a forever family, so we have promised her to find it this month. So, keep reading, fall in love with her and help us to make the wish come true.

At the beginning, Starla was a little cautious with those whom she didn’t know yet, but she quickly got used to the affection and love we have all given her. Now, she has changed a lot. She is a very affectionate greyhound and greets all the volunteers in a playful way that melts our hearts! She is always moving her tail of happiness. She loves to go out and lay down on the sun. Her character is balanced and submissive, which makes it live in a perfect harmony with the rest of the dogs.

Now she has been lucky enough to go to a foster home and her temporary mom tells us that at home she behaves very well. She is a 10 dog, good and obedient. She can live perfectly with both, males and females. She loves to go for a walk and she is very good on a leash.  And of course, she doesn’t forgive a good nap on the couch. And if its with someone else… So much better!

We would love for her, for this wonderful 6 year old greyhound, a forever family to live happily ever after in a warm home where she can be pampered as she deserves. She is suitable for any family that have time to spend and give her all the care any dog needs. Isn’t she ideal dog for your family? Adopt her!

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